Lyfë Lyrics by Yeat, music has been produced by Yeat & BNYX®, and Lyfë song lyrics are penned down by Yeat.

Lyfë Lyrics

Huh, riding in that big lil’ ass Tonka truck
Riding ’round with these bust-down watches on me, I got my blicky tucked (Hey, hey)
Heading number one up on these charts, bitch, yeah, it’s stuck as what?
A-A-All we do is just go number one (Hey, hey, hey)
Huh, and I just brought us some Ms, lil’ bitch, it’s the first of the month
Riding ’round, I’m in the Cayenne, lil’ bitch, I’ma tear up the city, I’m afraid of the sun (Hey, hey)
I went and painted the Benz, I switched shit up, I wanted it done by the dawn
All of my fans is my family, my cult, my brother (Hey, hey), my slimе, my twizzy, my mutton
I don’t give a fuck what you saying, I don’t listen to it, I don’t wanna…


Song: Lyfë
Singer: Yeat
Music: Yeat & BNYX®
Lyrics: Yeat

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