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Make Niggas Leave Lyrics by BlueBucksClan, from the album “Clan Way“, music has been produced by Bankroll Dani, and Make Niggas Leave song lyrics are penned down by BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy.

Make Niggas Leave Lyrics

Back to back i8’s me & Neezy fuck the city up
Tae off a perc in a Porsche racin hemi’s huh
My fault Nugget & Jeezy keep pullin all these Benzs up
Super stupid wildin no license in a Bentley truck
Hopping outta big shit, we ain’t pullin civics up
Ballin on you niggas I ain’t gotta pick my pivot up
I got bitches pouring out they heart and I don’t give a fuck

Lil nigga I don’t want yo bitch she ain’t lit enough
I don’t fight in church but I keep fuckin these Christians up
Hunnit dollar dice game these loubs keep bending up
All my niggas ball on this team ain’t no bench wit us
Bitch it’s blue bucks we the clan ain’t no lynch with us
We get blue bucks ain’t no ones we got strips with us
Niggas beatin on they bitch askin how they get wit us

Top down drivin fast I got goosebumps
You gotta know the real meaning bitch it’s blue bucks
Niggas hatin on the clan I give two fucks
Hoes in line waitin on they turn like the food truck
Really from LA I ain’t no Hollywood nigga
Really from the east but I got Inglewood bitches
Put that thang in sport it ain’t no motherfuckin switches
I can show you how to turn a rag into some riches
My niggas really wildin do whatever for that chicken
Teach yo ass the word lil niggas better listen
Poed off a 4 I might swerve but I ain’t slippin
These bitches really tragic do whatever for attention
I’m speeding thru these red lights but I can’t get a ticket
Niggas changing on they day 1’s this shit wicked
Fresh bald fade waves spinning like a fidget
Sitting real low in this coupe like a midget
Ghetto bitch weave to her ass 30 inches

I was down almost felt myself givin up
Now my bitch bad light brown look like India (Westbrook)
I said fuck school all them F’s they was givin em
Now all these F’s on my shoes bitch I’m killin em (Fendi’d down)
F’s on my back all these bad bitches feelin em
Lame ass niggas tryna link y’all don’t fit wit us
I keep flashing on you lil niggas like I’m flickin up
Niggas wanna be like us naw we ain’t clickin up
Back to back in foreigns sport plus bitch it’s shiftin up
If I’m throwin money then it’s bad bitches pickin up
Said she love a nigga how I drip she wanna lick it up

No heart I’m in savage mode like I’m 21
In the field doin graveyards you can’t hit wit us
Shoutout super stupid niggas got me in a Bentley truck
Stand on tables in the club nigga you can’t sit wit us
Tae pull up in a 2 seater you can’t fit wit us
We brought all hunnits in the bitch we got a grip wit us
Start throwin 5’s in the bitch yea I’m trippin huh
Bitch said she don’t need a weave but I’m still gone get her one
Make it rain in the club we make niggas leave
Hop in the whip push to start where I put the keys?
Walkin all in moncler wit givenchy tee’s
Wrist froze in this bitch all these VV’s

All these foreigns back to back valet where my keys?
Throwin 5’s in the club we make niggas leave
Ghetto bitch long hair 30 inch weave
Bustdown 41 yea that bitch pee’d
All these foreigns back to back valet where my keys?
Press a sport button yea watch that bitch speed
Throwin 5’s in the club we make niggas leave
Gold roley bustdown yea that bitch pee’d
Throwin 5’s in this bitch we make niggas leave
Sport plus in this bitch yea I do speed


Song: Make Niggas Leave
Artist: BlueBucksClan
Album: Clan Way (2022)
Music: Bankroll Dani
Lyrics: BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy

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