Master Power Lyrics by Jon Batiste, from the album “World Music Radio“.

Master Power Lyrics

From the concrete grew a flower
Don’t forget about your master power
She won’t bow and he won’t cower
Henrietta got a master power
Nicholas and Daniel, Sara and Blue
In their grimy hour, there’s a master power uh

A time we born and a time we die
A time to plant a time to ply
A time to tear a time to sow
A time to stay and a time to go
Betsy and Orion, Cathy and Michael too
Know that in the shadow tower
There’s a master power

Fill my cup as blessings shower
I’m in tune with the master power
From a spark to full out fire
Parrish born and divinely inspired

Alice and Arthur, and Stella Mae too
Know that in the black hour, there’s a master power

Jon, Sara, Joshua, Aaron, Eric


Song: Master Power
Artist: Jon Batiste
Album: World Music Radio (2023)

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