Matt Hardy 999 Lyrics by Trippie Redd & Juice WRLD, from the album “Trip At Knight“, music has been produced by Rip, Cashmere Cat, Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, ​star boy & Outtatown, and Matt Hardy 999 song lyrics are penned down by Outtatown, Jasper Harris, Rip, Aaron Shadrow, Juice WRLD, ​star boy & Trippie Redd.

Matt Hardy 999 Lyrics

(Outtatown, but we never out of money)
You know what I’m saying? Big 14
(Star Boy, you’re my hero)

I just got a million bands today
‘Bout to go and spend a bag, blow them bands today, yeah
‘Bout to spend a hundred grand today
Lot of blue face hundreds, it’s a blue band parade, yeah
Huh, grah, shooting out the Hummer today
I’m in a bad mood, so I feel like dumping today, yeah
Bad move, I’ma dump at his face
Keep the toolie by my side, feel like Ratchet & Clank, yeah

Shoot out the Wraith, stick up
I need everything in your safe, ni**a
Huh, I’m with them gravediggers
We gon’ dig your grave, ni**a
Huh, pop molly at the rave, ni**a
Chains on me, no slave, ni**a, huh
We’ve been in the cave, ni**a
We done f*cking made ni**as
Uh, take your chain, ni**a
What the f*ck you claim, ni**a?
1400, 800, bitch, I’m talking gang, ni**a
We not the same, ni**a
Big 14 Great Dane, ni**a

F*ck what you claim, ni**a
Feel like the KKK, we kill you, then we hang ni**as
Do that the same day
Pull up in the all grey, black Mustang
In the streets, I was hustling
Run up on me, gun busting
Uh, that’s your best friend, that’s my main thing
Uh, she give me titty, Tity Boi, 2 Chainz
Uh, get to the nitty-gritty, boy, new stains
Uh, pouring Prince up in my cup, no Purple Rain
I’m throwing bands, I’m throwing hands, and I ain’t throwing shade

Jumping out the Batcave just like Bruce Wayne
Kicking shit like Liu Kang
My plug Palupé
Big racks on us do things
Big blues, no clues, yeah
Your bitch like to choose, ayy
But that’s your boo, ain’t it?
Take a flick, uh, licky on my dick, uh
On my blick, uh, while I take a shit, uh
And a piss, uh, sing to that bitch like Kiss, uh

Oh, that’s your bitch, huh?
R. Kelly, I may just piss on her
(Skrrt) I’m in a ‘Rari
You make me mad-mad, I may shoot up your party
That lil’ bitch, she bad, but she fake, she a Barbie
But she still know to ride me like a f*cking Harley
Asked me if I love her, I responded to her, “Hardly”

Jumping off the top rope on that bitch like Matt Hardy
Why the f*ck your pussy ass in here? This a gangster party
“What? What? What?” Like I’m Playboi Carti
Got my robe on in this bitch, it’s a Playboy party
That bitch hella plastic, that bitch just like a Barbie
Playing games with all these hoes, bitch, just like Atari
Kicked up with my feet up, sipping Hennessy at a safari
With a bunch of white bitches, and they all like, “Trippie Redd, you gnarly”
Viral, iCarly

She on the webcam like Carly
That’s your girl? I’m sorry
She was off the molly
Uh, I’m in the trap, I’m whipping, I got your auntie on my dope
She told me she ain’t have enough money for them rocks, my dick up in her throat
I’m going hard, LOL to the bank, no joke
You run up on me, you leaping froggy, you get croaked
Uh, huh, you know


Song: Matt Hardy 999
Artist: Trippie Redd & Juice WRLD
Album: Trip At Knight (2021)
Music: Rip, Cashmere Cat, Jasper Harris, Aaron Shadrow, ​star boy & Outtatown
Lyrics: Outtatown, Jasper Harris, Rip, Aaron Shadrow, Juice WRLD, ​star boy & Trippie Redd

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