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Misconceptions 4 Lyrics by Lecrae, from the album “Church Clothes 4“, music has been produced by SlikkMuzik, and Misconceptions 4 song lyrics are penned down by Lecrae, ​nobigdyl., Jon Keith, A.I. The Anomaly, SlikkMuzik, Jakob Zimmerman, Alexandria Dollar & Montell Jordan.

Misconceptions 4 Lyrics

Hill—Hillbilly Jean (Wait a minute)
(Dyllie) Uh huh

You know them Christians is all bigots (You know I ain’t lyin’)
Want riches, burn bridges, build walls, tall fences (All of ’em)
All critics, quick to call y’all wicked (True)
But when it come to the poor, then it be all crick—
I’m at Chick-Fil-A wit’ a single gay and we singin’ ‘Crae (Phew)
Finna pray, switch it to Kendrick and then the chicken came
Renegade, not ’cause it’s the quickest way to get the fame
Penetrate, heart of stone and then I rode the livin’ way
Deconverted, you just tell ’em, “Read the Word”
Probably should bandage up the wound that you see bleedin’ first
Meet them where they speakin’, do not leave with you a heathen first (No)
Be the person at they knees so they can see that Jesus works (What that mean?)
He can make lion out of liar, Magic City a choir (Choir)
Transform you too if you feeling a little shyer (Shyer)
Question, did you think you too messy for the Messiah? (Messy)
Misconception is that your mess could disqualify ya (True)
Do not follow me, we follow the One who part the seas
I can’t follow party of politicians, so pardon me (Pardon me)
Foot up on they neck ’cause they never let air gonna breathe
I know they confused, they thought believers could not agree

My comment section Normandy Beach, it’s lead in they speech
Don’t Stevie Wonder why y’all got so bold on them keys
I’m off of the leash, my church clothes is all-white tees
And off-white jeans, don’t play with me, that’s all I need, boy
Look, I got confessions
I spoke with Yeshua about the Jesus that you mention (What, what, what, what, what, what, what? Brrt)
He looked me in my face and told me that He never met him (Nah, nah)
So boy, I need apologies and then some (Right now)
Then add another zero, Messiah only wanna come free, though (Free)
I am not your savior or your hero
A dummy told me Jesus wasn’t friends with the people (Dummy sounds stupid)
I said, “You might D-E-A-F, how you feel?”
Y’all so uptight, you know that some of us from the cut, right?
He still let me drink from His cup, aight? (Yeah)
I hope I get you mad, ’cause it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on
I know it firsthand, it’s been rainin’ on black lives (Ah, yeah)

Like you, I was on the East side too (What?)
Knew a couple shooters hands high wit’ a Ruber
Get foolish, never know what a fool might do (Is you done? Nah)
I was in the dark, no truth
Grippin’ for a limit, but I hang by the noose
Look at me, I don’t look nothin’ at all like you
Church full of hypocrites, they all like you
Well, love what I found when I found that truth (Truth)
Love gave it all, so it’s all I do
Who are you tellin’ me what’s love gon’ do?
Love ain’t never make my daddy come through (True)
And love ain’t never help my mama get a roof over her head
So tell me, what a God ‘gon do? Listen
Block of the church, pick a temple to run to
Each side lookin’ for the rock of Gibraltar
Standin’ at the cliff, either fly or you falter
I choose life in the palm of Jehovah

Ha, yeah
You know, look
I don’t even know why I’m rappin’, they never listen (Nah)
They like, “Ain’t that what’s-his-name who be gospel-rappin’, that Christian?” (Oh, yeah)
I’m standin’ on a raft in an ocean wavin’ a flame
Like, “Look at me, I’m friends with Kendrick, I’m not a lame” (Wow)
Look, truthfully, they’ll never let us get in
The major misconception is that we supposed to fit in
And we got Indie Tribe, we got Holy Smoke, trust the Holy Ghost (Yeah)
You don’t need the industry to know you if you know you dope (Woo)
Look, before the music, I was ridin’ ’round in my mother’s whip (Skrrt)
Now the Tesla doors rise up like the mothership (Woah)
Mind of a militant abolitionist citizen (Mm, mm)
Literate as an immigrant, teachin’ people the infinite (Mm, let’s go)
Yeshua, yes, I’m serious, just in case you was curious (Woo, mm)
My wife half saint, half City Girl (All period)
Don’t need a reformation, my people was never Catholic (Nah)
Head above the water, my mama couldn’t be Baptist (Woo)
They don’t even make a category for my allegory
Raised all of your kids, so now I’m comin’ for all my alimony (I want a check)
Married to the streets, but they don’t recognize the matrimony (Dang)
Missionary since the honeymoon, you know it’s mandatory (Haha)
116 on my flesh, I bleed different (Yeah)
My kids raised on CHH, I breed different (Different)
It’s Vincent Bantou on my shelf, I read different (Woo)
I drink the blood, then eat the flesh, my greed different (Uh)


Song: Misconceptions 4
Album: Church Clothes 4 {2022}
Singer: Lecrae
Music: SlikkMuzik
Lyrics: Lecrae, ​nobigdyl., Jon Keith, A.I. The Anomaly, SlikkMuzik, Jakob Zimmerman, Alexandria Dollar & Montell Jordan

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