Mona’s Dad Lyrics by bülow, latest song 2022, from the album “Booty Call (EP)“, music has been produced by bülow, and Mona’s Dad song lyrics are penned down by bülow.

Mona’s Dad Lyrics

Mona’s dad, I don’t know why
But I can’t get him off my mind
Underneath that trucker hat he’s got a beard and all that
Mona’s dad works on the cars
I almost faked a car crash
They don’t see what I see
I see a man I’ll never have
No not Mona’s dad

Mona’s dad, he’s in his chair
Watching football with his friends
He’s drinking beers straight out the can
Mutes the TV, he hates the ads
I had a dream, 2:33
Watch the archer, split the tree
Then I woke up, he wasn’t mine
It was just Mona and I, doing homework
Wish I were older, the dream is over (Mm-hmm, mm)

Mona’s dad, he’s really sad
But I feel safe inside his eyes
I’d likе to think that he cries (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
On his arm therе’s a cross
From the days he used to serve in the army (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Mona’s dad, he loves his wife
Is it bad I hope sometimes
He thinks of me when they fuck?
Too good a man to do that
I wear a skirt up on my knees, even the fuck boys try to peek
But he won’t look at me like that
No not Mona’s dad

I’m in love with Mona’s dad
I’m in love with Mona’s dad
I’m in love with Mona’s dad
Mona’s dad, Mona’s dad, mm, mm, mm


Song: Mona’s Dad
Album: Booty Call (EP)
Singer: bülow
Lyrics: ​bülow
Music: bülow

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