Morning Silence Lyrics by Stella Donnelly, from the album “Flood“, music has been produced by Stella Donnelly & Anna Laverty, and Morning Silence song lyrics are penned down by Stella Donnelly.

Morning Silence Lyrics

I heard a break in the morning silence
I could’ve sworn it was the middle of the night but
Someone came in here to spread my limbs out
And leave my body in a compromised position
Could it be real that it’s really me here?
I couldn’t help us, I couldn’t save me

Same old fight
Time today
Great grandchild will see the same

I wish my front door was always open
I wish the dog didn’t bark at men who came in
Is it a pipe dream to want my children
Never to wake up and hear a woman screaming
Wish I could water it down for you but
My mouth is dry from thinking about it

Same old fight
Time today
Great-grandchild will feel the same


Song: Morning Silence
Album: Flood(2022)
Singer: Stella Donnelly
Music: Stella Donnelly & Anna Laverty
Lyrics: Stella Donnelly


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