My Love Will Never Die Lyrics by Hozier, from the album “Hozier“, music has been produced by Hozier, and My Love Will Never Die song lyrics are penned down by Willie Dixon.

My Love Will Never Die Lyrics

You’ve done me wrong
For a long, long time
But after all you’ve done
I never changed my mind

Honey, please
Try to love me
Honey, please
Honey, try
My love
Will never die

Hmm-mm, hmm-mm-mm-mmm
Hmm-mm-mm-mmm, hmm-mm-mm-mmm
Hmm-mm, hmm-mm-mm-mmm

Flowers, flowers grow
Where I’m laid to rest
Honey, pick a blossom
And hold it, hold it
To your breast

Honey, you know
That’s my love
Burstin’ loud
From inside
My love
Oh my love, my love
Will never die


Song: My Love Will Never Die
Album: Hozier (2014)
Singer: Hozier
Music: Hozier
Lyrics: Willie Dixon

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