Never Be Me Lyrics by Nines Ft. Blade Brown, from the album “Crop Circle 3“, music has been produced by ProdKarlos, and Never Be Me song lyrics are penned down by Nines & Blade Brown.

Never Be Me Lyrics

I ain’t trapping, this a new Nina
Now I got a chef and a pool cleaner
Had to tell them sneaker heads “Pipe down”
Walk in my room, it’s like Nike Town
Them guys on the block, they just envy
Got the eyes on my tops like it’s Fendi
I came a long way from weighing D’s
I’m Blade Brown when it came to keys
Black the Ripper when it came to trees
Alhamdulilah, I’m making P’s
Thought you couldn’t go jail for a four in draws
Till the judge was screaming numbers like Storage Wars
Nina on me, ain’t no creeping on me
Made bitches wake up, they were sleeping on me
Quarter milli what this watch cost
Last year, I was on the wing doing pot wash

Seen these rappers sign their life away
For a watch and a chain, that could never be me
I seen ni**as out here letting violations slide
Just know that could never be me
Some ni**as spend their whole day entertaining bitches
Just know that could never be me
Ask these rappers for a feature
Just know that could never be me

Shit was all sold before I had a chance to dry it
If I turn this line off, I’ll probably start a riot
If you ain’t a seven figure ni**a, keep it quiet
Didn’t used to let me in the club, now I can buy it
Rapping ass ni**a, that could never be me
I was treading on keys, yeah that’s treble and B
Know their boyfriends all fed up with me
In ’23 a quarter mill is feeling like seventy G’s
And I know they wish I slipped up and caught a few slugs
But I just left Rollie, I bought a new Sub
Yeah yeah bitch we paid, come like 42 Dugg
Blade and Nines in the room, that’s like forty-two plugs
Lifestyle courtesy of fiends blowing base
Never went on Channel U, I wasn’t showing face
Life litty, run the city, spray a ho with Ace
Never capping like I writ it all in lower case


Song: Never Be Me
Artist: Nines Ft. Blade Brown
Album: Crop Circle 3 (2023)
Music: ProdKarlos
Lyrics: Nines & Blade Brown

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