Nightmares Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA), from the album “no discrimination“, music has been produced by Tre $avage (USA), and Nightmares song lyrics are penned down by Tre $avage (USA).

Nightmares Lyrics

Everything’s getting scarce and unusual
So afraid, don’t know what to do
Can’t sleep, having terrible nightmares about life
How do I cope with fear? Don’t interfere, right?
This has been going on for way too long
Stuck in the past, I can’t move forward
Don’t feel comfortable with myself anymore
These nightmares are becoming more intense
All the discrimination, hate and ungratefulness
My life was in total bliss, I’ll never be sane again
Traumatized, past fears causing me nightmares, I’m scared
Traumatized, I can’t explain why
Nightmares are driving me over the edge, insane
All I feel right now is fury, can’t calm down
My self esteem is the one to blame
Everyday, I always feel ashamed
Can I get rid of all the shame, all the pain?
Been brought down to my downfall too many times
Will my life improve, will it change at all?
I’m wondering what my future will be
Stuck in the past, just wait and see
Won’t have no future if I can’t escape my past
Dreams become nightmares, nightmares to reality
How long will these premonitions last? Don’t know
Don’t have an answer, maybe, it’s just a fallacy?
Often get so combative, angry, I lose my sanity
None of my closest friends, family, can’t handle me
Say that I’m scandalous, nobody can handle this
I’m in a cesspool of rage, pain and turmoil
How did my life turn out? Am I still a fool, am I still full of doubt?
Need an explanation, ran out of time and patience
What else can I do? I feel so lost and forsaken
Feel so insignificant, don’t ridicule, belittle me
These nightmares are too vivid, wild and vicious
My life has gotten too chaotic and malicious
One day, my nightmarish reality will fade away
How long would that take? Years? Eternity?
See? My life’s fading away, disintegration
Don’t use persuasion on me, that’s manipulation
Embrace all the torment, resentment, hate
My life better start improving before it’s too late
Underneath this strong persona, I’m downtrodden
Have to make sacrifices to live better, that’s life
Why is there interference? It’s too incoherent
Can I just live my life? Is there hope in sight?
More trauma, desolation, everything’s not alright
These nightmares are getting more aggressive
Can’t seem to find a solution (Can someone help me?)
Can’t seem to find a solution
These nightmares are making my mind cloudy
Why can’t they disappear?
Can’t seem to find a solution, should I give up?
No matter what I do, it’ll never be enough (It’ll never be enough)

Alright, just did- I guess I got to do “Try Harder” again


Song: Nightmares
Artist: Tre $avage (USA)
Album: no discrimination (2023)
Music: Tre $avage (USA)
Lyrics: Tre $avage (USA)

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