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No Edges Lyrics by BlueBucksClan, from the album “Clan Way“, music has been produced by Omega (Producer) & Matt Brick$, and No Edges song lyrics are penned down by BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy.

No Edges Lyrics

Niggas love my old hoes, you can have those (You can have those)
Clan eating good and we pack shows (Eating good)
Fuck Burger King, I want Mastro’s (I want Mastro’s)
We ain’t standing in no lines, we do back doors (Back doors)
Goyard bag, yeah, we pack poles (Yeah, we pack poles)
Zig-zag Louis’, had to grab those (Had to grab those)
Ain’t no weak bitches with us, only bad hoes (Only bad hoes)
She ain’t got no edges, I look past those (I look past ’em)
She ain’t got no edges, I don’t want her (Hell nah)
Make a wish in this Wraith, Timmy Turner (Damn, I wish)
Thirsty-ass hoes need some water (Them bitches thirsty)
Taking niggas out the game, I’m Coach Carter (Coach Carter)
Teach these niggas how to ball, that’s what the ballers do (That’s what the ballers do)
Big bills in my pockets and they all blue (All blue)
I just punched this card, I bet it go through (I hope so)
Lamb’ spittin’ blue flames, look like Goku (Like Goku)
Yeah I’m Fendi down, check my whole fit (Fendi down)
Told her from the jump, I got a whole bitch (I got a whole bitch)
Hell nah, we ain’t puntin’, finna score six (Finna score)
New foreigns pullin’ up, ain’t no ’06 (Ain’t no ’06)
Passin’ every play, nigga, no picks (No picks)
Got exotic in this ‘Wood, nigga, no sticks
Bitch, I smoke good, every day though (Every day though)
Trell keep bringing bags from the Bay though (From the Bay though)
Cookies beatin’ up my lungs, this some bebo (God Damn)
My bitch ass fat, feel like Play-Doh (Play-Doh)
Bad tan bitch, look like J-Lo (Look like J-Lo)
Niggas hatin’ on the Clan, that shit gay though (Niggas gay)
My bitch bad, she don’t play about her lashes (Hell nah)
Crash get behind her, she gon’ stash it (She gon’ stash it)
She got this trick with her tongue, she know magic (She know magic)
I just spent five-thousand on her outfit (I did)
Brass knuckles on my wrist, get yo’ shit split (Get yo’ shit split)
Flames comin’ out these pipes, you can’t miss this (Bro, fact)
Niggas copy all our shit, y’all my children (Niggas gay)
We all eatin’ at this table like we Pilgrims (Like we Pilgrims)
Niggas tryna be my clone, that shit tragic
Lipgloss, bamboo, she so ratchet (Yeah, she bad)
A nigga ran up on the Clan on some fan shit (On some gay shit)
I just threw a thousand ones on some Clan shit (Nigga)
Yeah I’m finna ask yo’ bih if she got BOA (If she got BOA)
I keep blowing through them strips like they flew away (God damn)
You be loving all the hoes that I shoo away (Bitch, move)
Niggas buying clothes that I threw away (Niggas bums)
Putting boxes in the trunk, finna move away (Go, go)
Really in the field like a two-a-day (Nigga)
I ain’t in that Benz, I’m in the coupe today (In the coupe)
Big double-R, ain’t no roof today (Lil’ nigga)
Big bag on me, bring the load in (Bring it in)
I just told the bitch to bring her ho friends (Bring ’em all)
Yeah, she let me drive her whip, I’m doing one-ten (Going fast)
Finna act a fool in this big Benz (Ooh)
1942, she don’t drink gin (Hell nah)
Tryna puff me on her shit, she ain’t my girlfriend (The fuck?)
Know we be at crazy girls every weekend (Every time)
Drippin’ like I dove off the deep end (Off the deep end)
You ain’t fuckin’ with the Clan, let that sink in (Let that sink in)
We them niggas, if we wanted, we gon’ break in (Yeah)
Yeah my bitch super bad, bringing cake in (Cake in)
Tell the DJ play my shit when I walk in (When I walk in)


Song: No Edges
Artist: BlueBucksClan
Album: Clan Way (2022)
Music: Omega (Producer) & Matt Brick$
Lyrics: BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy

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