NO ONE CARES (INTRO) Lyrics by BVDLVD, from the album “ABSENCE“, music has been produced by 42CLO, and NO ONE CARES (INTRO) song lyrics are penned down by BVDLVD.


This is the album

– Hello and welcome to “ABSENCE”. Good morning, good afternoon to wherever you may be in the world right now and a special welcome to our guest, BVDLVD
– Hey, hey, thanks to having me, appreciate you
– So, so, why have you-, why have you called it “ABSENCE”? You know like
– Well, huh, I’ve been going through some f*ck shit, man, like this album is basically like a bunch of songs that I have just like hated making, like I hated every parts of it
– Yeah, and your favourite song was “NUMB” actually, like huh, really powerfull, I love it
– Yeah, yеah, that one was huh, one of my favourite actually man, I rеally like [?] about some f*cking-, some shit I really be struggling with-
– That is really cool, so hum, wha-, what can we expect from you in the near future?
– Bro, you just f-, you just f*cking caught me off, I was-, I was saying my thing, [?]
– Oh, [?], that seems to be all we have for tonight
– What the f*ck, man?
– Thank you to our guest, BVDLVD for coming on and talking with us…
– What is happening?
– …the songs coming up that you’re about to hear are from his latest album “ABSENCE” and, huh, we hope you can enjoy it…
– Can we talk [?]?
– …and get into it and feel the vibe…
– What is going on?
– …and shit, you know
– [?], I’m just-, I’m just done
– Who that guy? Get him out
– What the f*ck? [?], hey, I’m supposed to be doing a f*cking interview dude, I give a f*ck anyway, f*ck off


Artist: BVDLVD
Album: ABSENCE (2023)
Music: 42CLO
Lyrics: BVDLVD

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