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No Rules Lyrics by BlueBucksClan, from the album “Clan Way“, music has been produced by Laudiano & JoogSZN, and No Rules song lyrics are penned down by BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy.

No Rules Lyrics

Do our own shit, we don’t know the rules
In my pocket, I got all blues (Joog)

Bloody Christian Loubs look like bowling shoes
You got [?], we got [?]
We don’t love these bitches, yeah, we let ’em choose
Yeah, we in the Rolls, huh
We in the Rolls and these other whips in back of us
Big foreigns, ain’t no motherfucking Acuras
Hopping out that bitch bleeding, think I’m Dracula
‘Member I was broke riding on that [?] bus
Now I ain’t in it ‘less that bitch got a [?]
BucksClan in this bitch, yeah, it’s just us
Same niggas from the [?], yeah, we flexed up
When I’m with my niggas, yeah, it’s a clan rally
All these blues in this bitch, it’s a band rally
From the gutter, we was running in that damn alley
It was [?], now it’s all [?]
I ain’t never fucked no [?], it was all baddies
I was smoking pom-pom, now this Wood fatty
Michael Kors on your wrist, on my wrist Patty
Christians bleeding on my feet, need a fucking bandage
Yeah, I’m dripping like [?]
Hotboxing in the Tesla, nigga, spark up
The Model S a spaceship when it start up
Ran out of juice, had to let it charge up
Big shit for niggas if they try to barge us
Bad bitches looking for me like I’m Waldo
Three-five all in my Wood, ain’t no [?]
Louboutins bleeding on my toes, ain’t no [?]
Yeah, I know that’s your bitch, I make her smile though
LA Prime eating good, bitch, it’s steak time
I got bitches calling me all on FaceTime
Got a attitude ’cause I don’t ever make time
Only fuck with bitches that got great minds
Every time the bitch with me she have a great time
Every day my birthday, bitch, it’s cake time
[?] hundreds, I remember they was [?] twos
Backwood full of gas, I smoke good [?]
For a [?] I’m fucking up my good shoes
I’m with the Clan, yeah, we ball, bitch, we don’t lose
Big double-R, feeling like I’m [?]
Came in the game [?], I don’t know the rules
These niggas think they fucking with us, man, these niggas fools
These niggas think they fly in them fucking Trues
Gucci snakes on my feet and I don’t go to zoo
I get money, yeah, for fun, that’s my fucking [?]
She mad at me, I don’t text, yeah, I’m fucking rude
Poured off the Tech, yeah, I’m fucking screwed
I could tell she wanted me ’cause she stay [?]
Niggas peep us in the club, yeah, they stay spying
Really wanna be us bad, these niggas stay trying
Niggas broke with no hoes, niggas stay lying
All this chicken in my pocket, yeah, I ain’t frying
Yeah, I’m bleeding like I’m Ricky but I ain’t dying
My niggas walking with them sticks and they ain’t [?]
I keep fucking on these hoes, yeah, that ain’t mine
[?] pull up with a [?], finna pour a four
[?], make a nigga tuck his [?]
Every time I pop out a nigga tuck his bitch
Press a button in that Benz, yeah, [?]
On the road to the money, ain’t no GPS
She said she love me, run these scripts up in CVS
Thousand dollar shoes, yeah, bitch, that’s how I walk
[?] going up in this bitch, yeah, that’s my fault


Song: No Rules
Artist: BlueBucksClan
Album: Clan Way (2022)
Music: Laudiano & JoogSZN
Lyrics: BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy

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