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O Woman Lyrics by Ye Ali Ft. Poet Yusuf Ali El & Josh Kye, from the album “Private Suite 4: The Mixtape“, music has been produced by Ohana Bam, Buddaflywolf & Ye Ali, and O Woman song lyrics are penned down by Ye Ali, Josh Kye & Poet Yusuf Ali El.

O Woman Lyrics

(Give you all you need)
Long gone, I wanna wake up with you, oh, yeah
(Give you all you need)
Baby, and watch the risin’ sun, yeah
(Give you all you need)
You do, I wanna wake up with you, yeah
(Give you all you need)
Baby, ah, yeah, yah, yah, ah

Oh, what if I cried?
What you goin’ to do?
Would you hold me
Or turn cold on me?
Or pretend you didn’t know?
Could you comfort me?
Give warmth to me?
You still feel it, I
Was no less of man
For cryin’
End that curse
Well, it’s my world that’s in pain
Girl, I let the [?] rest my soul
And still, have you alone
Oh, woman

Yeah, that was my dad right there
Poet Yusef Ali El the first
Now y’all see where I get it from

I know I fucked up but I’m fixin’ it
I know you don’t think I be listenin’
I just be soakin’ it in
Baby girl, treat you like my religion and
I’m studying ’bout you, baby
I’ll bring the stars to you
I’ll bring the moon out the sky if you want it
But I know the sun make you comfortable
I know you miss how I’m kissin’ you
I’m touchin’ your body and rub on your feet
Baby, I’m glad that we catchin’ up
Call your beautician, I fucked up your week
Appointment is made, you can in a week
You got a man but he isn’t me
And everything ain’t what it seems
I see y’all arguin’ all of the times, let me intervene
Girl, he suspended, you out of his league
I’m a [?], you should play for the team
I won’t play with you so don’t play with me


Song: O Woman
Artist: Ye Ali Ft. Poet Yusuf Ali El & Josh Kye
Album: Private Suite 4: The Mixtape (2022)
Music: Ohana Bam, Buddaflywolf & Ye Ali
Lyrics: Ye Ali, Josh Kye & Poet Yusuf Ali El

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