Oceans Apart Lyrics by The Coral, from the album “Sea Of Mirrors “.

Oceans Apart Lyrics

Oceans apart
Drifting on the waves
We’re oceans apart
In the dark
Waiting to be saved
We’re oceans apart
Like a boat out on the sea
For that moment we were free
I love you, yes I love you
From your smile to your scars
But we’re oceans apart

There’s a world outside my door
Full of people trying to play their part
There’s a star way out in space
There must be someway that can’t be replacеd
Feel myself slipping away
It’s like a stranger took my placе
Tryna keep an open mind
But I’m losing myself every time
Tell myself it’s all a game
And other people are just the same
Open my door, step outside
I keep on searching for the light
I said I keep on searching for the light

It’s been the same since I was a little kid
When I see the desert I see an ocean
When I see an ocean I see a desert
Each the image of the other
A sea of mirrors and here I am
Caught between both the form and the reflection
Between fact and fiction
Not knowing which role I’m supposed to be playing
Let’s go past the skin in a character
Go past the eye into the soul
And in the end the only way you’ll regain the mind
Is to break it down to the rawest element of life and death
You hear me? Get outside and fix it


Song: Oceans Apart
Artist: The Coral
Album: Sea Of Mirrors (2023)

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