OKAY Lyrics by Ameer Vann & Merlyn Wood, from the album “Slime in the Ice Machine“, music has been produced by CONNIE, and OKAY song lyrics are penned down by Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood & CONNIE.

OKAY Lyrics

Connie, are you f*cking kidding me?
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Hot boy

Okay, run up your spot like okay (Okay)
Your brother got popped like okay (Okay)
You ain’t do nothing, he okay (Oh)
You ain’t like that, it’s okay (No)
Said he want smoke, I’m like okay (Yeah)
Ni**a was shot like Cobain
Real cut-throat like OJ
Crashed my whip but I’m okay (Skrrt)
Give me my bread, ni**as owe me (Yeah)
I don’t give a f*ck what a hoe say
Blew my cheque but it okay (Blew it)
I’ll make it back on Monday (Yeah)
Real ni**a eating on Sunday (Ayy)
Right now never on Sunday (No)
Ni**a got shot but I’m okay (Brrt, ah)

Ay, was living good until I came to where you live
(Ayy, whеre you living?)
Merlyn magician, I can make you disappеar (Ayy, what up)
My money long, but it ain’t longer than my dick
Messy, messy, my lil baby need a bib


Song: OKAY
Artist: Ameer Vann & Merlyn Wood
Album: Slime in the Ice Machine (2023)
Lyrics: Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood & CONNIE

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