OMG Lyrics by Ace Hood, from the album “B.O.D.Y“, music has been produced by Djay Cas, Oren Major, Holla Fame, Paris Quinn & RJ Pasin, and OMG song lyrics are penned down by Ace Hood.

OMG Lyrics

Getting older
Some of the shit that I used to be on is no longer winning me over
People are telling me not to be positive, it ain’t considered the culture
You gotta be hard, you gotta go drill, now we got a city of vultures

From the beginning, you know what I’m on
You need distractions to f*ck up the zone
I’m on your ass, you trigger me wrong
Still on the run, I’mma finish this strong
Championship, bringing it home
Hit up my jeweler to set it in stone
She say them diamonds look good on my tongue
Smoke a lil’ haze, then I spray the cologne
I’m finding my balance, I know that person that I was becoming I felt like a heartless savage
And I know that money gon’ bring a little power, but it ain’t gon’ keep you happy
I spoke to my sister and told her I love her, I’m building up wealth in the family
Even though it’s a struggle, we gotta recover from all of this childhood damage
Every now and again, I’m dropping the top just so I can send up a blessing
I’m sending my love, I’m sending my light, I am a living reflection
Oh, my God
Lost so many guys
Tears in my eyes
Askin’ God why
Why he take Dale?
Why four, five?
Plenty years passed
Pain’s still inside
Pain running deeper
I feel so alone
Focused on being
Finding my reasons
I’m in the eye of the storm, shit’s so peaceful
Oh, my God (Oh, my God)
Rolling four five (Rolling four five)
Ridding in the six (Ridding in the six)
Seven blessings on me (Ridding in the six)
Eight corner pocket (Oh my God)
Nine digit profit (Nine digit profit)
Ten ten thousands (Ten ten thousands)
Oh, my God (Oh my God)
Oh, my God (Oh my God)
Oh, my God (Oh my God)
Oh, my God (Oh my God)
Oh, my God (Oh my God)


Song: OMG
Artist: Ace Hood
Album: B.O.D.Y (2023)
Music: Djay Cas, Oren Major, Holla Fame, Paris Quinn & RJ Pasin
Lyrics: Ace Hood

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