Orchids! Lyrics by Chris King, Featuring Lancey Foux, latest song 2021, from the album “Mucus” (2021), and Orchids! Song Lyrics are written by Lancey Foux & Chris King.

Orchids! Lyrics – Chris King

Keep it lowkey babygirl, we grown (Yeah-yeah)
No way, go ’til top of the morn’ (Gang, shit)
[?] blood (Uh), yeah
You ain’t got a role, gotta play your part

Got a cup of lean (Yeah), gotta drink that shot
Styrofoam cups, they lookin’ like art (Woo)
You can love me or love me not, I’m breakin’ hearts
Follow the dope ’til my homies are smart

Trap out that Neiman Marcus like an apartment (Yeah), oh, yeah
I was putting my scale in the [?] apartment
Get some Maserati, I’m watchin’ forklift
Purple plyers, I’m smoking up orchids (Chyeah, uh), oh, yeah

I’m sendin’ her flowers, I’m givin’ her orchids, yeah (Orchids)
I’m lettin’ her level up from the role of an associate (Associate, trust)
I’m ’bout to send her…


Song: Orchids!
Artist: Chris King
Featuring: Lancey Foux
Album: Mucus (2021)
Release Date: December 11, 2021

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