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Origin Story Lyrics by Okay Kaya Ft. Aerial East, from the album “SAP“, music has been produced by Okay Kaya, and Origin Story song lyrics are penned down by Okay Kaya.

Origin Story Lyrics

She’s mixed in with the Aegean Sea
Sprung out and struck a pose
From foam, she lingers over this this world
Frothy, yummy, sticky, beautiful
Out of half a testicle
Solid as a rock
Why couldn’t I be Aphrodite?
Venus? Sexy lovely God?

‘Cause I am scum
I am cum
From the same
Trickle down

If you’re my father, why should I have to ask
For your forgiveness?
Surely you had something to do with this and that
The closest thing I came to patricide (Sharpen a blade)
Was to wish up on a blade
Now I’m an eye for an eye for an eye
I go, “See, look what you’ve made”

I am shame (Look what you’ve made)
I am scum (Look what you’ve made)
Wish I came (Happy birthday)
From no one


Song: Origin Story
Album: SAP (2022)
Singer: Okay Kaya Ft. Aerial East
Music: Okay Kaya
Lyrics: Okay Kaya

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