Our Song Lyrics by Shamir, from the album “Homo Anxietatem “.

Our Song Lyrics

Dressed up to the nines, I couldn’t find
The words to get you on my side
Apologies don’t come with ease plus my girls like to fight
I never wanted blood, or resolving hugs
And I beg you leave the told you so’s
Just please come clean, no broken veins
Just a bit of a bruised ego

And it’s so damn hard to explain it
But but I feel lost in my mind
And when I’m close I’ll take the wrong exit
And the light goes from red to lime
I remember when you would visit me
And we shoot the shit all night
Cause I lived above the record store
And they played our song all the time

Guess I can admit, I weren’t as big
Of a person I think I’m now
And personally I think you see
The 4th wall coming down
And sure I let you in, and I’ll do it again
If it means you kept the blows
But when I tumbled down
And hit the ground I learned how low I can go

And it’s so damn sick how I liked it
When you infiltrated my mind
And when I pushed for an evacuation
You took your sweet little time
But even when you finally left
My body would shake all night
Cuz I lived above the record store
And they played our song all the time

Oh, it’s so hard to let go, but at least I know
It’s good for something

And it’s so damn cool how you crushed it
And look gorgeous by their side
And I can even build a baby carriage
But not a new one that can basically drive
I remember when you visit me just to see me one last time
Cause I lived above the record store
And when they play our song, I want to die
I want to die


Song: Our Song
Artist: Shamir
Album: Homo Anxietatem (2023)

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