OUTRO Lyrics by CHIKA, from the album “SAMSON: THE ALBUM”.

OUTRO Lyrics

People are fragile things, you should know by now
You’ll speak when you’re spoken to

To be honest, I’m just talkin’ right now
Was this good? I’ll just wait to find out
‘Cause I’m never sure where this music will go
To be heard is my minimum hope
But it’s really difficult to let these feelings out, though
Three songs in, already workin’ on this outro
‘Cause I fear that by the end, I’ll be drained
You ever tried to make your art out of pain?
You ever sat around and dreamed about relinquishin’ fame?
It’s a twisted position, I wish your life was the same
Before the highest of praises, before the world knew your name
Before they knew it was Jane
Cat’s out the bag, it’s no lookin’ back
And if you could, you’d only peer into black
Road is disapearin’ fast
Hope my sonic signature will last
Know there’s time for me to figure all this out, though
Wishin’ on a star that this is not my outro


Artst: CHIKA
Album: SAMSON: THE ALBUM (2023)

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