Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Outro (Reflection) Lyrics” by an artist named Skrapz. It’s part of an album called “REFLECTION,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by S Finesse & Harry Beech, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Skrapz, S Finesse & Harry Beech. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Outro (Reflection) Lyrics

Boom, I put my life into my book of rhymes
I’m on the rise now, it took its time
Skrapz is back for the last time, now Skrapz is goin’ forward
Tryna leave a fortune for my daughters
Tryna travel ’round the world and see the seven corners
In the kitchen is the only place I’m takin’ orders
Four-by-four, but it’s fast and furious
I ain’t never gotta bill a line again thanks to my supporters
Who would’ve thought when I was sittin’ in court
That I would turn it all around and make my mum proud?
I’m sorry for the times I let my mum down
Now she’s always smilin’ when she’s lookin’ at her last-born son now
Turned my life around, but I still keep a loaded G-17 with me just in case
Tryin’ not to catch a case, but I guess it’s just a risk I gotta take
Stressed out, usin’ weed as an escape
Told my babes not today ’cause I got too much things on my plate
I got tings that I wings and I skate
I celebrate the times when I was broke and I still didn’t break
Poured Patron into my glass, did it straight
My nigga caught a nigga on the mains and he still didn’t fade
Don’t be tryna join the party now you’re late
Me and Nines drinkin’ Ace of Spades and we’re partyin’ in Tape
If you made it out the mud, you can relate
I’ve always been the type to go and get it, I don’t sit down and wait
Writin’ lyrics feels like piece of cake
That’s probably why my new tape’s got the whole scene on shape-mode
My mum comes from Cape Coast, my dad came from Kumasi
Free my nigga, Jaz, swear the judge did him nasty
I hardly see certain man, but they’re still gang
I been buyin’ London, my homeland
Made the transition from a roadman to a grown man
I want a mansion big enough to fit the whole fam
Feel it for the man with no plans
I used to make bricks disappear with no hands
Your rap career’s dead, fam, you ain’t got no fans
I’m smokin’ on gelato while I’m countin’ up these bands
Listenin’ to slow jams, stickin’ to the program
And even though I don’t eat pork, I go ham
You disrespect man, make the ‘matic go bang
Before I go to sleep, I just speak to myself and ask God protect man
But I don’t expect man to over-stand
I’m flowin’ like a G5 jet so they have to let me land
I’m gettin’ high just to get a piece of mind
Just another day in my life that I write down in my book of rhymes


Song: Outro (Reflection)
Artist: Skrapz
Album: REFLECTION (2024)
Music: S Finesse & Harry Beech
Lyrics: Skrapz, S Finesse & Harry Beech

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