Outside Vibes Lyrics by Flight, from the album “Walking W 2“, and Outside Vibes song lyircs are penned down by Flight.

Outside Vibes Lyrics

Hit the bad bitches tell em’ pull up (Tell em’ pull up)
I’m sliding [?] baby [?] pull up ([?] pull up)
Master P to these hoes, they wanna hook up
We balling in this bitch, yeah we got it lit up (We got it lit up)
It’s a – It’s another day, it’s another vibe (Another vibe)
I’m just [?] catch some [?] in these slides
[?], I kick it up every time (Come on)
I [twist?] some palm trees, baby it’s the summer time (Summer time), yeah (Yeah)

We outside (We outside)
With the vibes [?]
May we [?]
Making me [?]

Pull up – pull up on the yacht to a day party (Day party)
Flexing on these niggas and they sorry (And they sorry)
Balenciaga’s head to toe, this ain’t Ed Harty (This ain’t Ed Harty)
Bad bitches all around me and they all [?] (And they all [?]yuh, yeah)
Diamonds dancing [?], got me feeling groove (Groove)
Be the ones with the motion, got these bitches choose
These niggas ain’t getting no money, what the hell they doing?
We outside with the vibe, baby watch us make a movie (Watch us make a movie, we outside)

We outside (We outside)
With the vibes [?]
May we [?]
Making me [?]

Ohh (Uh-huh)
[?] been outside, we’ve been outside (Yeah, come on)
[?] been outside (FTC), we’ve been outside
[?] been outside, we’ve been outside


Song: Outside Vibes
Artist: Flight
Album: Walking W 2 (2023)
Lyrics: Flight

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