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Over Now Lyrics by The Moon City Masters, from the album “The Famous Moon City Masters“, music has been produced by Justin Craig, and Over Now song lyrics are penned down by Jordan Steinberg & Talor Steinberg.

Over Now Lyrics

Woke up this morning
Things you said still got my head spinning round
Called you on the phone
No one was home
And you’re nowhere to be found
Was it something I did something I said
Did my words not come out right?
There’s a pounding in my brain
Driving me insane
And I’m ready to lose this fight

Is it all over now?
I just don’t know anymore
Is it all over now?
What am I doing this for?

Got myself together said it’s now or never
Do I stay or walk away?
Our love used to be strong but it’s been too long
Since we’ve seen a sunny day
Used to have no doubts things would work out but now I’m not sure
They all call me crazy
I can’t quit you baby
I keep coming back for more


Song: Over Now
Album: The Famous Moon City Masters (2022)
Singer: The Moon City Masters
Music: Justin Craig
Lyrics: Jordan Steinberg & Talor Steinberg

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