Pap Stories Lyrics by Pap Chanel, from the album “PAPTIVITIES“, music has been produced by J. Reid (Chevi Music), and Pap Stories song lyrics are penned down by Pap Chanel & J. Reid (Chevi Music).

Pap Stories Lyrics

You already know what I’m seeing, you know what I’m seeing
(J. Reid on the beat)
I’m a ghetto bitch hero, you feel me?
Real bitch out the country, G.A.P. sit nice on me

Ghetto dreams took me down, different avenues, my inspiration never saw
Learned the hard way, my story will be different from the people that I sit across
Even though we in the same room, you never paid the cost to be the boss like me
Never put thе same affect I put out on thesе streets
Never felt that stomach feeling when them folks come knocking at your door
Never hid the fact you in your feelings, acting like you chill ’cause you trained to go
Biting my tongue became too easy ’cause it’s best to keep me silent
Make my actions louder, pop out on these goofies wildin’
Got a ex, still in his feelings, on the ‘net, he childish
Earn my blessings on the low and let ’em talk while I keep climbin’
I wear these war wounds so good and it’s so evident
Don’t care ’bout currency, each dollar my president
I get ratchet but I like my setting elegant
I be on demon time but blessing hoes, I’m Heaven sent
Copy right infringement, you can’t redo my story
Every time I hear they new shit, in my eyes, it just get boring
Got different streams of income, on these beats, I be exploring
Got my roots from Milledgeville, but my voice always be tourin’
Cater pilling day-to-day, ain’t leaving out my means
We on different pages, give no fuck about your dreams
Bitch, my life a movie and you’ll never get a scene
You goofies get no points when you against the winning team
Long handled spoons and getting blues, my type of ride
How you on four flats and claim you down for the ride?
These bitches doubted me, but when I pop out, run and hide
Being real cost too much, I make these bitches pick a side (Pick a side)


Song: Pap Stories
Artist: Pap Chanel
Album: PAPTIVITIES (2023)
Music: J. Reid (Chevi Music)
Lyrics: Pap Chanel & J. Reid (Chevi Music)

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