Pick Up The Phone Lyrics by Subsonic Eye, from the album “All Around You“, music has been produced by Subsonic Eye, and Pick Up The Phone song lyrics are penned down by Subsonic Eye.

Pick Up The Phone Lyrics

Come home
And I wash my face
Feel dead but I feel awake

Lights out and the day is gone
Help me, what was I thinking all day?

Please reconnect me to your line
I’ve been put on hold again
Sometimes I forget to call you
Maybe leave you voicemails

It’ll be nice to have you call me back
I need this – connection
With you
And I forget about this connection
And I’m sorry because I swore to myself that
I’ll never forget this thing we have between us
And it’s the end of the day and i just remembered
I forgot to thank you for letting me be a part of this
This everything
Thank you


Song: Pick Up The Phone
Artist: Subsonic Eye
Album: All Around You (2023)
Music: Subsonic Eye
Lyrics: Subsonic Eye

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