Pittsburgh Lyrics by Wilco, from the album “Cousin“, music has been produced by Cate Le Bon, and Pittsburgh song lyrics are penned down by Jeff Tweedy.

Pittsburgh Lyrics

I love the rain
And how the rain can turn
Shit into a rose
I overheard the TSA
Going through my clothes
As I wait
For her

I’ve always been afraid to sing
That’s a little thing
Somehow that’s all I do
Strange as that seems
I’ve outlived my dreams

I empty my suitcase
In the street in the rain
Time slows like a new Van Gogh
Setting fire to the frame
I’m a flag where the wind won’t blow

I’m a kid that never grows
My body lays, never taken away
Is it too true for me to know
Oh no
Am I gone
Before I go?


Song: Pittsburgh
Artist: Wilco
Album: Cousin (2023)
Music: Cate Le Bon
Lyrics: Jeff Tweedy

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