Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Planet of the Bass Lyrics” by an artist named Kyle Gordon Ft. Ms. Biljana Electronica. It’s part of an album called “Kyle Gordon is Great,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Brooks Allison & Jamie Siegel, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Kyle Gordon. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Planet of the Bass Lyrics

Alert, alert!
DJ Crazy Times
If you want parties to be making
Have some noise
All the women in the world
Let me see your beautiful faces
Oh, I’ve got an idea
World peace!

When the pleasure is a dream on a secret love
And the people wanna make a fun
We are losing control on a floor tonight
Take your heart into a unicorn
If the sky is not green, but the sky is blue
Have a passion in a million way
Touch it, make it twice, beforе I cry
Heaven is a time today

Put your hands up in thе air

All of the dream (C’mon, c’mon)
How does it mean? (Let’s go, everybody go)
When the rhythm is glad (C’mon, c’mon)
There is nothing to be sad (That’s right, oh, that’s right)
Danger and dance (C’mon, c’mon)
Clapping the hands (Electric, electric)
When we out in the space
On the planet of the bass

Life, it never die
Women are my favorite guy
Sex, I’m wanting more
Tell the world, “Stop the war”
Boom, hear the bass go zoom
Have a body, feel the groove
Cyber system overload
Everybody movement

All of the dream (Let’s go, everybody go)
How does it mean? (Put your hands in the air right now)
When the rhythm is glad (C’mon, c’mon)
There is nothing to be sad (Yeah, oh, yeah)
Danger and dance (Ooh!)
Clapping the hands
When we out in the space
On the planet of the bass

Hello, are you at phone?
Yes, it’s true, yes, it’s true
Are you the girl of the love?
Yes, I am a girl
I love you and feel groove
I love you too
I want the sex on the phone
I am so alone in the night
And tonight, I will never die
That is good to me as well as that
Oh-oh, oh, la-di-da (Yeah, c-c’mon)
La-di-da-di-da (Tonight)
Ah-ah-ah (Yeah)
Oh-oh-oh-ooh-oh, yeah, yeah, yeah (Fun)


Song: Planet of the Bass
Artist: Kyle Gordon Ft. Ms. Biljana Electronica
Album: Kyle Gordon is Great (2024)
Music: Brooks Allison & Jamie Siegel
Lyrics: Kyle Gordon

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