POETIC JUSTICE (outro) Lyrics by Anfa Rose, from the album “Die On My Chest“, music has been produced by Khaled Rohaim & DOPAM!NE, and POETIC JUSTICE (outro) song lyrics are penned down by Anfa Rose.

POETIC JUSTICE (outro) Lyrics

Yeah, missed my shot, still shooting, woo
Reload the Glock, shoot for you
No look and stop, I’m living proof

Yeah, no number two
Baby keep me rock hard, stay silent, yeah
Can’t play no games with you like solitaire
They taste that fam shit, I’m outta here

Yeah, make it clear
Yeah, beat the odds, you know I did
Yeah, I’m fucked up here
Yeah, part to blame
Yeah, hard to deal with
Yeah, hard to save
Fair form a stain

Angel, I’m a sinner
Hell on earth we walking
Summer feel like winter
Somehow we still winning
2000 on dinnеr
1.5 on dinner
Money, I keep spending
Yеah, it’s never ending

Can’t please everybody
But fuck how I’m feeling
Even if I’m full, they forget it
So if they get sneaky, they can get it
I might forgive it, but I won’t forget it
And they pathetic, and I can’t sweat it
And get to me, no I can’t let it
I guess it’s justice, it’s poetic


Song: POETIC JUSTICE (outro)
Artist: Anfa Rose
Album: Die On My Chest (2023)
Music: Khaled Rohaim & DOPAM!NE
Lyrics: Anfa Rose

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