Premonition Lyrics by August Burns Red, from the album “Death Below“, music has been produced by Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland, and Premonition song lyrics are penned down by JB Brubaker.

Premonition Lyrics

I had a dream the other night
A dream I can’t forget
It woke me with a sense of doom
And soaked my sheets in sweat
This vision plagues my every thought
The worst is yet to come
I fear this dream is coming true
I need to tell someone

I dreamt the other night
That famine spread across the land
The clouds, they held no water
And the oceans turned to sand
People by the millions
Were gatherеd in the streets
Their voices had gonе quiet
Just the sound of marching feet

They labored forward blindly
Not knowing where or why
Their purpose long forgotten
Their eyes fixed on the sky
Amongst them walked a silent foe
It had no face or name
It cared not for your riches
For your power, or your fame

Its deadly touch would plant in you
Disease to multiply
And spread to those around you
As the herd emulsified
And in the sky, appeared to us
Its message clear and plain
“When I am done, this world and you
Will never be the same”


Song: Premonition
Artist: August Burns Red
Album: Death Below (2023)
Music: Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland
Lyrics: JB Brubaker

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