Putting On West Lyrics by ​Central Cee ft. Fredo, and ​Putting On West song lyrics are penned down Central Cee & Fredo.

Putting On West Lyrics

Told me I should be in the trap, while rappin’ instead
Done it again
Half past ten, yeah I made me a ten, they ain’t got out of bed
The hand ting there but I ran out of lead
One call make broski blam out your head
We’re the one puttin’ on West, not them man
Sweet one keep givin’ me stress
I ain’t giving her sex, I’m handlin’ biz

Puttin’ on West
Could’ve been dead but I’m winnin’ instead
We’re the ones puttin’ on West, not them
I got the same


Song: ​Putting On West
Singer: Central Cee ft. Fredo
Lyrics: Central Cee & Fredo

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