Pu$$y [email protected] Lyrics by Baby Tate, music has been produced by JTBeatz, and Pu$$y [email protected] song lyrics are penned down by Baby Tate.

Pu$$y [email protected] Lyrics

Woah-woah, woah-woah, woah-woah, woah
What the f*ck is this shit I see here?
Y’all ni**as can’t be serious?
Haha, haha

Ni**a just said these female bars so whack, ain’t you writin’ ’em?
Wonder why these hoes head be so gassed up, boy, ain’t you hypin’ ’em?
Why this shit so dead? Damn, you couldn’t put no life in ’em?
He a man writin’ ’bout a pussy, I knew he had a lil’ dyke in him
Wanna be like us so bad, huh?
We make you so mad, huh?
Yes, I rap ’bout pussy but I’m not a pussy rapper
Can’t no ni**a scare me, all of them some actors
Yes, I rap ’bout pussy but I’m not a pu—

First of all
I ain’t even really tryna get too personal
But half these lil’ rap ni**as can’t rap unless they got a Perk involved
They just jerkin’ off in a circle talkin’ ’bout female rap, who hurtin’ y’all?
You probably couldn’t pull a bitch, even if the bitch was a service dog
Lil’ whack ni**a, how dare you?
Make a hit for yourself
Ain’t been hot since Mims’ “Hot”, Love & Hip-Hop ain’t help
And quick, with two seconds on the shot clock
Can you tell me why you talkin’ all of this shit when your biggest recent hit was “Thot Box”?
Yeah, I’m resortin’ to violence
We said, “Come get a taste of this pussy?”
And all they heard was, “Try us”
Now fly yourself across the globe, turn the radio on
I bet you can’t find a station that ain’t playin’ this song
Inspire woman and you write for these bitches, how unbecomin’
How spiteful is it to shit where you eat and act like it’s nothin’?
The girls runnin’ circles ’round ni**as blindfolded
If you don’t see it, you ain’t got your eyes opened, bitch

F*ck is you talking ’bout? (Like, “Huh, what?”)
Like y’all really get on my fuckin’ nerves
Every five seconds, every five seconds (Shut up)
“It’s all the girls, all they rap about is pussy”
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, cunt, cunt
You would rap about it too if you had one
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, coochie, coo-coo
If your dick had all that power, you would rap about it too
But it don’t, pssh
Woin (Woin, woin, woin)
Stank dick ni**as, go wash your balls, bitch
Haha, haha, haha
Oh, oh, oh, and before you go, hum
I just wanna let you all know, this is just rap
It’s just rap, right?
All bars, no beef, it’s just rap
Love you, mwah


Song: Pu$$y [email protected]
Artist: Baby Tate
Music: JTBeatz
Lyrics: Baby Tate

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