Rap Game Awful Lyrics by Clavish, from the album “Rap Game Awful“, music has been produced by Hazey Just Landed, and Rap Game Awful song lyrics are penned down by Clavish.

Rap Game Awful Lyrics

Hazey, baby, heeheeheehee

I got enough snows that hang in the estate (Uh)
Head bop, no need for a handshake
Pack one same day that the pack came (Brr)
And I keep hearing I got a fan base (For real)
Just ran off from the plug, didn’t think bro got stamina like Kante (Ha, ha)
I’m still doing up touring (Ha, ha, ha)
Mask on my face just so I don’t catch case (No case)
And who said that I don’t mash work? Go check my CV (Go check that, man)
Just rubbed nine zinos, but I need twenty-seven more, I’m greedy (Just tek that bag)
Used to eat in Church Street Nando’s way before shh turnt gang, that’s cheeky (Huh?)
Cat’s still calling the phone, the food’s Audi, A1 & TT (TT, Audi)
Long live NB, ever since him, I ain’t got no feelings (Rest up)
Used to fly up O like every day, he a real OT kid (Crap)
Every time that I got down, don’t throw it away, hot water, bleach it (You know)
You don’t know nuttin ’bout cleaning (No)
You don’t know nuttin ’bout street shit (Oh)
You ain’t been outside the paigon house, hoping his mom says, “Go and take the trash out” (Trash out)
Or coulda all been in the traphouse, bagging up works to fly a pack out (Brr)
I don’t need none of these clothes, just got it for the times that I couldn’t afford it
Shh got nicked for murder, but came out same day, I think someone’s talking (Snitch boy)
Remember when Snow had the ting in his pants and girls thought bro was horny? (Big worm)
No homo, just got a drop where an opp boy lives, no need for a doorkeep (I don’t need one)
I be on the strip like always (Always), I been on the strip since morning (Since morning)
Cutting through all these backroads, lights in my car, ain’t got insurance (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
I really want a buss down patty, hand ting first ‘cah the Patek can’t protect me (Cap)
Man have said I ain’t done no drills, but that ain’t true so it can’t affect me (It can’t)
What’s that? Another label calling (Huh?)
Said they wanna sign for (How much?)
Told Crash, “That don’t make no sense”
I’ma make 2 songs but they can’t forget me (Huh)
And I’m still in the ride with that and this (With that and this)
I should be in the studio, I’m lurking, tryna splash some pricks (Splash some pricks)
If my old school mates wanna go Thorpe Park for the day, I might give it a miss (Why is that?)
If I told them how many rides I been on, don’t think that I’m taking the piss, gang

Hazey, baby, heeheeheehee


Song: Rap Game Awful
Artist: Clavish
Album: Rap Game Awful (2023)
Music: Hazey Just Landed
Lyrics: Clavish

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