Rap Game Honest Lyrics by Clavish, from the album “Rap Game Awful“, music has been produced by Hazey Just Landed, and Rap Game Honest song lyrics are penned down by Clavish.

Rap Game Honest Lyrics

Hazey, baby

I keep it a hundred, got a hundred on the dash
I don’t trust ni**as and I might wear my Fendi top the wrong way ’round so it can see who stabs me in my back
Face hot, told my ni**a, “Slap me if I lack”
A lot of ni**as ain’t down, that’s an honest fact
All I make is honest tracks
Small waist, honest back
Stop declarin’ beef with broke ni**as ’cause they’re honest tramps
Aunty asked me what I’m on, told her, “Stayin’ out of trouble”
Uncle saw me with a fiend that’s boogs, baited out my hustle
Shawty give the best brain, don’t spoil it by demandin’ cuddles
VVs on my wrist, it’s kind of hard to not miss the puddles
Used to tell promoters, “If the gang can’t, I ain’t comin'”
I got two sticks in a car, but I ain’t drummin’
Shawty got a man, and she ain’t budgin’
If your boyfriend ask you if you’rе hungry, tell him you already ate somеthin’
If they say we’re losin’, tell ’em, “Just check the scores”
She’s askin’ if I’m hers, I told her, “Girl, I’m not sure”
I don’t buy no designer to impress all these whores
She gon’ bust it wether my shoes AirForce or Diors
Put my blade all up in that, he was bad, but before
Obo on the block, they gave my ni**a scratch, like a four
Got a pack in my cheeks and a flick in my balls
Feds try pull me over, had to dip from the lo’, woah
Baddies always pree me ’bout I’m never doin’ up my belt
On point, I ain’t got no time to live up in a cell
Ni**as wish just for me to fail
I just wish ’em well
I done grind to the top, I don’t need a wishin’ well
I got bitches onto me, I got ni**as onto me
In the Merc’ I flick it twice, ain’t drivin’ in economy
Compare me to the opps, where’s my apology
I’m tryna get mummy out the hood, they’re usin’ mummy’s cars for robberies
Bro got grabbed for doin’ deals, still doin’ deals
She wanna talk feelings, girl don’t tell me how you feel
I miss my dead homie, no one asks is how I feels
They told me I’ma blow, but never tell me when I will
F*ck it though, my shank cutter drippin’ red
Need more streams than Trippie Redd
Shotters keep gettin’ robbed, that’s what one of my bitty said
F*ck what a ni**a says, I got smoke, cigarette
Rappin’, but I got kittens on my phone, been a vet’
I’ma have to get my blockin’ on, ’cause you been a pest
Paigon hoes wassin’ ’bout me, prob’ ’cause I don’t give them sex
If a shot’s movin’ funny, me and bro won’t give ’em pebs
Ni**as say they take risks, I ain’t see them risk it yet
In all black, lookin’ like a silhouette
F*ck a diss track, in real life I’d rather disrespect
If I don’t blow, then I’m gon’ to the phone shop
And phone my big cousin like, “Yo, I need them Os off, now”
You feel me?


Song: Rap Game Honest
Artist: Clavish
Album: Rap Game Awful (2023)
Music: Hazey Just Landed
Lyrics: Clavish

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