Rap Up 2023 Lyrics by Uncle Murda, music has been produced by Great John, and Rap Up 2023 song lyrics are penned down by Uncle Murda.

Rap Up 2023 Lyrics

Happy New Years
You know you need people like me (You do)
So you could point your finger at (Uh huh)
And say that’s the bad guy
Great John on the beat by the way
Let’s go

I enjoy doing this shit I might never retire (Word)
I’m part of the holidays now just like Mariah (Oh)
For the last six months, I been touring with 50 (Ha)
But all y’all waiting for me to do is talk about Diddy (Crazy)
Y’all heard what happened, y’all know what happened, but y’all don’t care (Y’all don’t)
Y’all still want me to talk about the shit every year (Y’all do)
Crazy, crazy, shit crazy (Crazy)
Crazy, crazy, shit crazy

Jamie Foxx sniffed some bad coke and almost died
Probably had fentanyl in it, I’m just glad he alive (Damn)
When thеse ni**as gone learn thеy gotta leave them drugs alone
Ni**a, Jamie Foxx came back looking like a f*cking clone
Shit crazy, crazy like a motherf*cker
Blueface the first rapper to f*ck Soulja Boy baby mother (He was)
She was in his video he had the evidence
Think about it Soulja Boy been kinda quiet ever since (Crickets)
He was tryna scream a little bit but that shit ain’t work
Deep down inside you can see he was really hurt (He was)
Wanted them to keep beefing shit was amusing
Never thought I see Soulja Boy on the internet losing (Aha)
Donald Trump got locked up had to take a mugshot
He got the same district attorney bitch Young Thug got (A hater)
Free Young Thug or give him bail let’s be fair
He been going back and forth the court now for like three years (Damn)
Y’all really doing too much now that’s a lot
Young Thug ni**as wanna know is Gunna a rat or not? (We wanna know)
If he is or he ain’t Young Thug just say the shit
Cause your album kinda hot but I don’t be wanting to play the shit (I don’t)
Ni**a just say some so the shit be confirmed
Lil Baby calling him a rat they not on good terms
Gunna dissed Lil Baby on a track saying “he in business with a snitch”
He called his boss a rat
That paper work on P for QC ain’t adding up (It ain’t)
1090 Jake had that ni**a mad as f*ck (He did)
He even accused Finesse2tymes of ratting
How that ni**a 1090 Jake always know what happened? (How?)
Why that white boy always up in black people business?
Ralo came home, Lil Boosie said that ni**a snitching
I don’t know what Ralo did or didn’t do
Lil Boosie was out here saying T.I. snitching too
Then he apologized T.I. was bugging out
They did a album together that shit ain’t never coming out (Never)
Look even if it do or it don’t, who cares?
Shit ain’t nobody really out here waiting to go and hear that shit (Just saying)
Troy Ave really went to court and got on the stand
Ni**a snitched on Taxstone cause he bodied his mans
Posed to keep it in the streets I hate when ni**as tell on ni**as (I hate it)
I don’t f*ck with Taxstone but I don’t be wishing jail on ni**as (Word)
Troy Ave lost his chain on that night all that shit happened
It was fake, seven years later found out Maino had it
Crazy how ni**as just be out here taking L’s
Taxstone got Joe Budden punched in the face in jail (Ha ha)
Joe Budden had told Taxstone to suck a dick
So Taxstone got Joe Budden punched in his shit
And Joe Budden said Drake album was wack this year
And Drake broke down Joe Budden’s whole rap career (Woo)
Just realized this year ain’t no rappers get shot
That’s a good way to celebrate 50 years in hip-hop (Think about it)
Lil Meech and Summer Walker still f*cking
He was helping her with her groceries that girl was his cousin (She was)
Dwight Howard saying he not gay we don’t believe him
He was with a man and a tranny tryna force a threesome (Ew)
And now he in court for basically tryna rape a man
He got kids I know they seen that shit all over Instagram
And Blueface still saying that kid ain’t his
He said, “Chrisean f*cked Offset in Cardi B crib”
He really went to the internet to go write that
If it’s true why you go and snitch on Offset like that (Why?)
He put the date and the time up ni**a had proof
How you cheat on Cardi B for a bitch with a missing tooth? (How?)
Hope you ain’t play yourself and hit that ni**a
Cardi was on the gram calling you a bitch ass ni**a (Ha)
Sexyy Red made a sex tape and I saw it
I think she got pregnant while she was getting recorded (Woah)
And I heard that Sexyy caught chlamydia twice (Ew)
That bitch ratchet let me try to give that girl some advice
It’s ok to shake your ass and put your hands on your knees (That’s ok)
But put a condom on to avoid catching STDs
Your pussy pink and your bootyhole brown, you serious?
Little girls shouldn’t be listening to that shit, period
Ni**a all the shit I talk about I should be the last to hate
Sukihana like eating ass and getting her ass ate (Aw)
That ni**a YK Osiris try to kiss her
Knowing she like eating ass and she still dissed the ni**a (Crazy)
Meg Thee Stallion out here saying she no longer for the streets
Tory got ten years for shooting that hoe in her feet (Damn)
She was out here f*cking, I ain’t know she was that loose
Remy Ma new boyfriend got knocked out by Papoose (Oh)
He look like Papoose a little bit and he battle rap
All the females is mad at Remy for cheating on Pap (Aw)
Well allegedly, respectfully, cause they ain’t divorce
And Nicki husband was really outside waiting on Offset (What)
Nicki did 220k when her shit dropped
Meek and Ross did 31k they shit flopped (Aha ha)
Elliot Wilson was hating on little Kai Cenat
Cause Nicki went on Kai platform when her shit dropped
Elliot was like, “This not what hip hop about”
Nicki told Elliot get Jay-Z dick out his mouth
André 3000 finally put some shit out (Finally)
Honestly, he was better not putting shit out (Word)
I was tryna catch a vibe but I just can’t catch the shit (I couldn’t)
All he did was play flute, I wish he woulda said some shit (Something)
And yea y’all make me do this shit and it get harder
Da Brat had a baby but the kid ain’t gone know the father (He ain’t)
What y’all gonne tell that boy when he get older
On top of that, her and her girl got a white sperm donor
Teyana Taylor left Iman Shumpert, then he start buggin’
He gone miss all them threesomes she allowed when they was f*cking (He is)
And Usher out here f*cking up relationships, look at Keke Palmer and her baby father, he hate that bitch (Look)
On top of that, she was in Usher video
Usher had Keke out here looking like a silly hoe (Keke)
Her baby father beat her up after all that
Ni**as’ll f*ck you up for hitting Keke, you better fall back
Lizzo out here calling bitches fat like she not fat
That’s like the mother f*cking pot calling the kettle black (Ha ha)
I seen them girls you was talking bout, why you tell ’em that?
I bet you your refrigerator filled up with hella snacks (I bet you)
Come on man, y’all couldn’t wait for this shit to drop (Y’all couldn’t)
I ain’t even finished yet, I still got so much shit to pop (I ain’t done yet)
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I enjoy doing this shit I might never retire (Word)
I’m part of the holidays now just like Mariah (Oh)
For the last six months, I been touring with 50 (Crazy)
This part one, on part two I might talk about Diddy (I might)
Y’all heard what happened, y’all know what happened, but y’all don’t care (Y’all don’t)
Y’all still want me to talk about the shit every year (Y’all do)
Crazy, crazy, shit crazy (Crazy)
Crazy, crazy, shit crazy


Song: Rap Up 2023
Artist: Uncle Murda
Music: Great John
Lyrics: Uncle Murda

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