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Really the Difference Lyrics by Hardo, from the album “Top 10 Trappers DOA“, music has been produced by Desirez beats, and Really the Difference song lyrics are penned down by Hardo.

Really the Difference Lyrics

Huh real nigga shit only
Fuck they talking about
I got this shit out the mud nigga
No check nigga
You better ask about nigga big trap

Lame niggas winning
Look at the real niggas different
Really the difference
We gone last longer than statistics
Drum on the biscuit
KFC we out here serving chickens
I’m in the Golden State
I brought my shooter like he Wiggins
He get to Wiggin
My friends is dead I think i’m Uzi
We trapping in real life
I got a script this ain’t a movie
I smacked him on the dice
I made ten thousand in a Coogi
I’m in the head like lice
I cut her off she think I’m bougie
I keep my toolie everywhere I move
Haters want me out my groove
Listen I’m a thug i’m not no imo dude
You would make it flood
If you was in my shoes
They ain’t give me shit
I had to take it that’s my type ofmood
I wanted food
Fuck the opps the youngins
The middle he probably been done grew it
My operation is special getting money never really view it
Run the block if we don’t approve niggas clueless
But we ain’t hoopin (huh)
You want some money
I can be your blueprint look
Of the new school ridin in the old school
Baby I’m a new nigga abiding by the old rules
Last of a dying breed
OG gave me your jewels
Bought this watch at twenty-three
Timeless with the old jewels
A Key opens the nina threw a lob
Now I got my money up
This bitches wanna slob
Trap A Hardo living by my name
This niggas soft
Ya’ll take advice from rappers
That ain’t never lived they lines
Need two to have one
Don’t forget that when you sign
Them taxes on your ass but
You knew ahead time
Now he ain’t got a dime
Damn we see this all the time
Finna fire his manager
With these racks these niggas amateur
He hired a new team to try to eat
This niggas scavenger
Bread machine beat them hundreds blue
The fifties lavender
At the trap, we up and down the steps
We broke the banisters
We whipped it out the
I had a move that’s pregnant and I still hand to handed her
Man I hope God forgive me because it’s money route in evil
They really want to see my State Property like Sigel
I’m driving State to State in a truck I got a begal
My nigga flip solid stayed silent got the needle true story


Song: Really the Difference
Artist: Hardo
Album: Top 10 Trappers DOA (2022)
Music: Desirez beats
Lyrics: Hardo

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