Red Dead Redemption Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA), from the album “happy new year“, music has been produced by Young Grizzly, and Red Dead Redemption song lyrics are penned down by Tre $avage (USA).

Red Dead Redemption Lyrics

(YoungGrizzly Presents-) Hold up

Exciting, overriding
Better start abiding
Come out, stop hiding
Pull up to where I’m residing
Scared, never get to sliding
Don’t get aggravated (Yeah, uh, look)
End up decapitated
Laugh at your dead body
No remorse, not sorry
This is real, nothing’s illustrated
This moment’s captivating
Run up? In your hood, invasion
Begging for mercy, hesitation
Mercy? Using persuasion?
Survival rate? It’s looking grim
Chance of survival? Slim
Don’t play dumb, tripping
On a mission, need completion
My opposition? In a grave
Nonexistent, unsaved
Rotting six feet under
Running, crying to her mother
She’s like “Not now Anastacia”
On a surgical table, anesthesia
Timothy fighting for his life
Killed him, stripped away rights
Come out dead of night
Use hands, not a sword fight
Nothing’s right
Taken for granted out of spite
Change is uncalled for, unclear
Had to-, had to drastically interfere
Friends to enemies?
Sabotage, it’s the end of me
Never switch up, ran out of luck
Out of time, nothing’s sublime
Subliminal, not a criminal
Stick to the code, principle
Admissible, inexplicable
Too much opposition
Some are dead, others’ missing
Dissatisfied after dissing?
Left Landon pleading, bleeding
Inexcusable, so accusative (Huh, hold up, look)
Always misbehaving
Out of my face, childish ways
Homophobic? Gay?
That’s not me, ask Jose
Calling me “daddy” every day
Any dispute, altercation
FaceTime? Drop the location
Knocked out, unconscious
How long? (Seriously?)
Who cares about duration?
Too much opposition
Stay in your lane, position
RaeRae became fossilized
Falsified, unclassified
Clarification is unavailable
Those disses? Huh, unbearable
Unachievable, unbelievable
Deceivable? Truly unfeasible
Unfeasible, unreasonable
Their ashes scattered
Scattered, sprinkled seasoning
Sneakdissing from the dead?
Doesn’t matter, it decomposes (Hold up, hold up, look)
Doesn’t matter, it decomposes
Decomposes, exploitation
Exposition, decomposition
There’s too many to name
Killed or died, viruses override
They’re snakes, poisonous
Ended up wounded or dead
Only they know where poison is
Death? From encephalitis?
Straight to your head

Only know where the poison is, straight from-
Only know where the poison is-
Death from encephalitis
Stray abound, straight to your head
Sorry that I misled, but these bullets full of lead


Song: Red Dead Redemption
Album: happy new year (2023)
Singer: Tre $avage (USA)
Music: Young Grizzly
Lyrics: Tre $avage (USA)

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