Reflections Lyrics by ​​Masked Wolf, from the album “Astronomical“, music has been produced by Tyron Hapi, and Reflections song lyrics are penned down by Masked Wolf & Tyron Hapi.

Reflections Lyrics

Yeah, Masked wolf
Money can be the root of all evil
Make that bread
But ,dont let it make you dead (Word)

Young boy big dreams
Was never chasing money
Was just chasing what i need

Happiness is hard to find
When your heart just bleeds
Its looks like a good Flower
But its got bad seeds

Dont let that prettiness, distract you!
Feel old in my bones
But i still fly Pterodactyl

I could spit real shit or hard shit
Tell you about my hadship its hurts
Because every weeken’ i feel heartless
Get it weeken’ heartless to be regardless

Old friends coming back now
Dеarly departed
Wherе was you when i started
Oh, now that i’m an artist
You want to come back and hang
B, should call you cardi

Part of me broken, part of me wholesome
Alot of me is thinkin
That alot of me growin´

Its spin cirlcle’s, enjoy rivals
Everything a battlefield
I just see riffels (Verb)

LED i speak from the LIP
Amnesia back then
Nah, they remember me
Tetris when i was falling
I had to rearrange

Alot of L´s came down
But i still find my place
In life, its either sit back
Or, take a leap
But you shouldn’t never make a promise
That you cannot keep

Trust me, the hill is steap
But once you at the top
Yeah the walk-down sweet

Everything with ease
Yeah, There is no such thing
Life can take away
But its also can bring

Whats a king without a queen
A king without an army
I swear i´ve hit more bars
Than my boy Barney

Alot of lies can cause carnage
Roll it out like Harley
Still i was smart and had to get that green
Parsley, still had to ball
Something like Charles Barkley

In my room focused on my sound
In my appartment uhh
Wait, (Fake, fake, fake)
Now she hear my music, i hear (Date, date ,date)
Now im typing back its too (Late, late, late)
Always believed in me
Thats (Fake, fake, fake) word!


Song: Reflections
Artist: Masked Wolf
Album: Astronomical (2021)
Music: Tyron Hapi
Lyrics: Masked Wolf & Tyron Hapi

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