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Relationship Issues Lyrics by DDG, from the album “It’s Not Me It’s You“, and Relationship Issues song lyrics are penned down by DDG.

Relationship Issues Lyrics

I’ll be back
Where you going?
I’m goin’ out
Mm-mm, you’re going out again?
I’m goin’ out, man, don’t start this shit, bruh, damn
It’s been every fucking night
At this point, you gotta be seein’ some bitches
I’m not goin’ to see no bitches, you just insecure, what the fuck?
Oh, okay, so if I go fuck another nigga, then what?
Okay, go fuck another nigga then
Nah, bruh, you can’t be doin’ this again
Go fuck another nigga then
Okay, bet
I can go out if I wanna go out
Okay, bet, and if I do, then what?
Alright, you—, then you go—, you gon’ be single, what the fuck?
I’m out


Song: Relationship Issues
Artist: DDG
Album: It’s Not Me It’s You (2022)
Lyrics: DDG

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