Restricted Account Lyrics by Stella Donnelly, from the album “Flood!”, music has been produced by Stella Donnelly & Anna Laverty, and Restricted Account song lyrics are peened by Stella Donnelly.

Restricted Account Lyrics

I sent your letter
Read it before you get there
I could be yours if you just call
We’ll be together
Leave it like lovers on the beach
Take me for granted, take me on

I know the right way
Always be honest to your face
Proudly protecting my own girl
Crack in the system
Dead was the night they took us
I’ll be the next one and the last

Oh, oh, oh

Now it’s dark and cold
Hot Texas on the radio
I’m all you’ve got, ah

I’ll be your lover
I’ll be your lover
We’ll be together
I’ll be your lover
I’ll be
(I’ll be)
(I’ll be)
(I’ll be)
(I’ll be)
(I’ll be, oh)


Song: Restricted Account
Album: Flood(2022)
Singer:Stella Donnelly
Music: Stella Donnelly & Anna Laverty
Lyrics : Stella Donnelly

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