Robin Williams Lyrics by ​Maddie Zahm, from the album “Now That I’ve Been Honest“.

Robin Williams Lyrics

What if there’s beauty in boring?
What if I find solace in the ordinary?
‘Cause, if I want it all
When will I stop wanting more?
What good is being worshipped
If I don’t know what for?
If the American dream was really fulfilling
Then maybe we’d still be watching Robin Williams

Life’s a moving finish line
We’re never really satisfied
The things we chase, we’ll have to leave behind
We celebrate each success
By deciphеring which one is best
The morе that you’re adored, the less you’re liked

How could that not make you lose your mind?


Song: Robin Williams
Artist: Maddie Zahm
Album: Now That I’ve Been Honest (2023)

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