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Rodeo World Champion Lyrics by Shaboozey, from the album “Cowboys Live Forever, Outlaws Never Die“, music has been produced by Essancy, Shaboozey & Ben Mironer, and Rodeo World Champion song lyrics are penned down by Shaboozey & Sean Cook.

Rodeo World Champion Lyrics

More like a target
Yeah, shit

I’ve been ridin’ bulls since my first tooth came in, can’t nobody knock me off
Got a team full of sluggers swingin’ like Hank Aaron, keep mouthin’ off
Seen the Boozeman, they like, “Ooh, man, we gon’ get him, that’s an easy job”
Got the BootCut Boys with me, tell me how the hell you gon’ pull it off, yeah
Played with my money and that was the final straw
The BootCut Gang, them folk live way above the law
You want smoke, well, you’re in luck, we got it all
It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, better pray to God

Cowboys livе forever


Song: Rodeo World Champion
Album: Cowboys Live Forever, Outlaws Never Die (2022)
Singer: Shaboozey
Music: Essancy, Shaboozey & Ben Mironer
Lyrics: Shaboozey & Sean Cook

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