RONALDINHO Lyrics by Lancey Foux, from the album “BACK2DATRAP“, music has been produced by Bally, and RONALDINHO song lyrics are penned down by Lancey Foux & Bally.


Ayy, turn me up Bally
Yeah (Huh, uh), Ha (Huh, uh)
Woo (Huh, uh)
Good at my feet (Huh, uh), Ronaldinho (Chyeah)

Keep it a kilo (Huh, uh)
Landed in Rio (Huh, uh)
De Janeiro (Huh, uh)
Got some dineros (Huh, uh)
Keep it discreet (Huh, uh)
Guidi, my feet (Huh, uh, chyeah)
Ten on my back (Huh, uh, come on)
Ronaldinho (Huh, uh)

Man of the match (Huh, uh), Ballon d’Or (Huh, uh)
Baddie in the trap (Huh, uh), fuck on the floor (Huh, uh)
Diplomat, I keep my shank abroad (Huh)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Singapore (Singapore)
Pulling the cord (Pulling the cord), knowing the plug (Chyeah)
Familiar with violence (Come on), I know about drugs (Ha)
I’m calling her ISIS (Ha), she blow up her [?] (Her [?])
I know what the price is (I know), I know what it means (It means)
If you check you can see that my neck and my wrist on Champions League
They rocking Italian, they say that they’re balling
They kicking Sierra [?] (Liar)
I got Brazilian baddiеs on the bench speaking Portuguеse (Português)
This for the gang land, the favelas
We ball like Ronaldin’ (Chyeah)

Keep it a kilo (Huh, uh)
Landed in Rio (Huh, uh, come one)
De Janeiro (Huh, uh)
Got some dineros (Huh, uh)
Keep it discreet (Huh, uh)
Guidi, my feet (Huh, uh)
Ten on my back (Huh, uh)
Ronaldinho (Huh, uh)

Left out of school (Come on), riding alone (Alone)
Check out my jewels (My jewels), time at home (Home)
Left wrist sixty, neck ’bout seventy-eight (Old)
Three of four pinkies, none of them underage (Come on)
Grown man business (Ha, ha), she holding her gaze
I don’t know who you is, toting my gauge (Huh)
I’m too starred out, I ain’t showing my face (Ain’t showing my face)
Brand new Ferrari, blowing the brain (Brr)
Brand new Cavalli, I’m showing my taste
Smoking on [?] runtz in Paris, I just came from space (Ha)
Black turantula on a McLaren I ride her from Saint-Tropez (A-ha)
I hit the step over edge of the box, none of my shots get saved (Baow)

Keep it a kilo (Huh, uh, come on)
Landed in Rio (Huh, uh)
De Janeiro (Huh, uh, De Janeiro)
Got some dineros (Huh, uh, chyeah)
Keep it discreet (Huh, uh)
Guidi, my feet (Huh, uh, Guidi, my feet)
Ten on my back (Huh, uh)
Ronaldinho (Huh, uh, come on)


Artist: Lancey Foux
Album: BACK2DATRAP (2023)
Music: Bally
Lyrics: Lancey Foux & Bally

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