Ronaldo (SEWEY) Lyrics by IShowSpeed, from the album “God Is Good“, music has been produced by DJ Telly Tellz & Jacob Parrish, and Ronaldo (SEWEY) song lyrics are penned down by IShowSpeed.

Ronaldo (SEWEY) Lyrics

DJ Telly Tellz (DJ Telly Tellz, DJ Telly Tellz)
It’s DJ Telly Tellz (DJ Telly Tellz, DJ Telly Tellz)
Empire (Empire, Empire, Empire)
You show me there’s something more to us
Than the same old thing (Ay), no usual affair
I will never dream of your love till you take me there
Who the best football player in the world man?
‘Til you take me there, ooh babe (Ha, uh, ay, uh)

Backstage we comin’ back
Gotta couple choppa’s, gotta couple thracks
He said he like Neymar, so hit that boy like from the back
Neymar, like who is that?
Messi, like who is that?
Hat-tricks are comin’ back
Cristiano Ronaldo

Sewey, siu, ha
Arf, arf, arf
Sewey (Arf), siu
Ay, yeah (Arf, arf, arf)

I say man who? Mbappé on the news
What the fuck? Now who the fuck is Messi?
Who the fuck is Mbappé? Who the fuck is Neymar?
Who the fuck is Dowski?, uh, ay
Who’s that, face that, waste that, mase that, lace that, face tatt, no stacks
I got no cut, no way, no man, oh man, oh man, oh man (Arf)
Hola te de puta, tell that man and I tell him “Me gusta”
[?] puta, [?] Ronaldo (Arf, arf, arf, arf)

Sewey, siu (Arf, arf, arf, arf)
Ha, man, ay, ha
Siu (Arf), sewey
Man, ay, ha

Where is Messi? (Arf, arf)
Where you at bro? We the same height
Yo, matter of fact, you shorter than me
You five-seven and you thirty-five
You ass
Thirty-five year─ man, dawg
Man I swear t─ ooh, fuck
Ronaldo the fucking best
I’m tired of hearing this shit
I’m tired of it
Remember that
Who got the most hat-tricks
Who got the most─ Diors
Who the best?
Portugal stand up
Stand up, Portugal
The fuck out of here man
I’m tired of it man
Tears running down my damn face
Gotta hear this shit every damn day
Messi ain’t number one, he number two
Ronaldo number one, remember that


Song: Ronaldo (SEWEY)
Singer: IShowSpeed
Album: God Is Good (2022)
Music: DJ Telly Tellz & Jacob Parrish
Lyrics: IShowSpeed

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