Rule Number 1 Lyrics by Toosii, from the album “NAUJOUR“, music has been produced by Harry Bhatia, Yozo & ProducedByBossman, and Rule Number 1 song lyrics are penned down by Toosii, Harry Bhatia, Yozo & ProducedByBossman.

Rule Number 1 Lyrics

Listen do you remember when you were like three years old, and you really thought you were Superman?
You used to run around in your underwear and your cape from Halloween
You really thought you were Superman because you tried to fly over my iron and burnt your leg
And then you tried it again a few years later
“Mommy, look, I am Superman, watch,” and here you come flyin’ off of my sixty-inch TV onto the couch
Well, I just wanted to sum it up and say, I am so proud of you
Because you are really a supеrhero for many
You’re soaring high across the world
Changin’ livеs and makin’ so many people proud
And I wanted to tell you, you are my Superman
I love you, and as always, remember to say your prayers and be safe
The world gets scarier as I grow up, I can’t take it
I’m learning a good love, takes some patience
But I understand now, the importance of a haven
Real shit, and we, uh, TikTok live recordin’ this shit, you hear me?
This the rulebook, my three rules and shit, y’all tell me what y’all three rules

Rule number one, never give a girl your heart, ’cause she gon’ take it and break it
Rule number two, youngin just play yo’ part, ’cause when it’s time you gon’ make it
Rule number three’s the most important, if you listen, I think it’s best that you record this

Put God first, and when you leave the house, grab your rod first
That’s unless you find what you tryna ride
Tote somethin’ that ’cause a semi-colon, that’s a pause before the notice
I was broken down, I ain’t think you notice
Yes, I’m high, I’m floatin’, copin’ to ease the pain
‘Fore you ever try to beef with me, it’s best stay in yo’ lane
Life’s wild, but, wild is beauty
I smile, but, truly, I’m down to go catch one ’cause I get down and groovy, feel me?
Hope they don’t think the hate what’s gon’ kill me
Sittin’ on top the throne where I still be
And, I say, “Pray for me, they hatin’, please, believe it”
Don’t trip, you know they hated Jesus (Yeah)
And, I say, “I cry so much, my eyes started bleedin'”
Moment of silence ’cause it’s a real nigga grievin’
Slowly, slowly, but surely, upgraded my price and makin’ sure you can’t afford me
Spin it and get to wittin’ with nothin’ less than a .40
No cell phones, black masks, stolo in case you try record me

I can’t sleep without you (I can’t sleep without you)
(Ayy, man, I’m comin’ for that shit)
I’m talkin’ ’bout that fire
You know my love been died (Real shit)
I can finally close my eyes
Don’t wanna lay down without you
I can finally close my eyes
Don’t wanna lay down without you


Song: Rule Number 1
Artist: Toosii
Album: NAUJOUR (2023)
Music: Harry Bhatia, Yozo & ProducedByBossman
Lyrics: Toosii, Harry Bhatia, Yozo & ProducedByBossman

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