Savage Lyrics by KEY! & Slimesito, from the album “Mama’s Man EP“, music has been produced by District Yori, and Savage song lyrics are penned down by KEY! & Slimesito.

Savage Lyrics

I’m talkin’ to you, big bitch, you

I’m Keyoncé, and I’m Kelly Rowland
Hold up, don’t stop, keep the camera rollin’
Old money in the old block, I got a tip it like I’m Odin
Pussy like Chanel
Two niggas in hotbox don’t see no way out, so they raisin’ Hell
Batman, Robin
Fat man drivin’
New McLaren, and it’s yellow, niggas jello
I’m gon’ lie, I’m still human
My face hot, I’m from Georgia, it get humid
Ayy, girl this a Bentley, it got AC, you ain’t sweatin’ you just wet
I can see 2K but how the fuck you lose the check?
90s baby, I was watchin’ Blank Check
Glock got a dick, and it practice safe sex

Turn your savage up, turn your savage up
Turn your savage up, turn your savage up
Turn your savage up, turn your savage up
Turn your savage up

Sito, Sito, Sito
Two Glocks on me when I pose
My right hand just out in parole
Got facе tats, people say that I’m loco
I’m a ninetiеs baby, I don’t go by no street code
Got guns on my like I just got a cheat code
I’m fuckin’ on your bitch, that ho she a freak ho
Black Moncler, I ain’t rockin’ no peacoat
Real ice on my teeth, you know that it’s frio
I been in the streets since a young palahito
I’m a rich slime and I don’t got a Migo
You got money but that shit poquito
I’m real boss, man, you know Jefecito
Yeah, I just may hop out the Sprinter
Just fucked your bitch, now she post me on Finsta
You a rat nigga, man, you like Master Splinter
And you just mad ’cause I’m fuckin’ a sister
Fiftied up you know how I rock with them hittas
Niggas think I big, I finna go bigger
Stay in trap all the time but I ain’t no dealer
You got ’em face tats, but yo’ ass ain’t no killa’
You got face tats but I know she still pussy
If you wanna smoke, nigga, meet me on Tara Bully
Got black choppas and I’m rockin’ a hoodie
Got automatic sticks, you know that they fully
Got automatic sticks, you know that they fully
I stay straight up, yeah, I’m ready for combat
I got a shooter, he from Chiraq
My nigga got a stick we turn my hood to Iraq


Song: Savage
Singer: KEY! & Slimesito
Album: Mama’s Man EP (2022)
Music: District Yori
Lyrics: KEY! & Slimesito

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