black dynasty. you’ve defined true tragedy and this world bleeds. but i have found peace. as your enemy. as your betrayer. I AM THE TRAITOR – Erida, i pray that the same hate that KILLS AND RAPES doesn’t give way in my head. if it does, I’M AS GOOD AS DEAD. – you spread your mind plague to anyone who listens i can’t believe your hate has so much ambition the infection you bleed of your own volition its not enough to make your own decisions no more malice. watch us break it. we want progress so we’ll make it. this is a new kind of justice. WE JUST HAVE TO TAKE IT. my mind is poised and the strike will be deadly. and you better believe I’m bringing all hell with me.

Song name Scarecrow
Artist Stick To Your Guns
Album The Hope Division

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Shahnawaz Alam