Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Shadow of the Gods Lyrics” by an artist named Bruce Dickinson. It’s part of an album called “The Mandrake Project,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Roy Z, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Bruce Dickinson & Roy Z. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Shadow of the Gods Lyrics

And so we lay under the moon
The stars have crossed our paths tonight
So journey on our wandering souls
Let our tears fall on our road
Against the sun there are shapes in the fire
Around the stars are blue and grey

Halos forever
Into the light

A pathway silvered and untold
A frozen river a river of souls
Let your tears fall on the ice
In the shadow of the Gods
Somewhere there is hope
In this heartless world together
To come again on this new earth
Once more forever evermore

Journey on
Beyond the stars
Our weary souls the road is long
We live in shadows of the Gods
The soundly homeland is not far

Absolute night in absolute zero
The universe stops
A fetus in vitro
I have a river of souls on the foot
One drop creates the light
One drop will fill the night

I need a necromancer the science has no use
I need your skill to raise the veil
Sanctify release
A sacrifice at midnight
Do what must be done
I need your help to save them all
Save my only son

This is my world world of the dead
This is my life world of the dead

Before a body had grown cold you were there to steal its soul
Your son is dead he told me so. I gave him peace he is let go
So now a double threat unfolds and perjury awaits
The travel head and hellhound fox had opened up the gates

Look at your life world of the dead
This is your life world of the dead
You have no life world of the dead world of the dead

We are part of the same body
Like the crucible again
Where watch the phoenix rises in fire
Burning by the ritual flames
So lay me down in the shadow of the ghost


Song: Shadow of the Gods
Artist: Bruce Dickinson
Album: The Mandrake Project (2024)
Music: Roy Z
Lyrics: Bruce Dickinson & Roy Z

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