SLAG Lyrics by KkButTerFly27 Xx, from the album “KKB27X2*“, music has been produced by KkButTerFly27 Xx, and SLAG song lyrics are penned down by KkButTerFly27 Xx.

SLAG Lyrics

Oh my god, it’s that fucking show again
I’m actually obsessed with it
Like, turn it up right now!
This week, on Love Island
A complete fucking slag enters the villa
Got body like a killer, I’m a slag
I’mma fuck anyone ’cause I’m a slag
Don’t call me a whore ’cause I’m a slag
I’m a slag
I’m a slag, bitch
Slag, silly bitch
Slag slag, silly bitch
[?] bitch
Slag, silly bitch
Slag slag, silly bitch
[?] biiiiiiiiitch

Oh my god I got a text
He said he’s meeting me upstairs on the terrace
So I said, let’s go, fuck my parents
Can’t go to my place, find me in Tesco
I’m a motherfuckin’ slag
Anytime, any place, love a good shag
See a big dick, I’mma tell his stuff to wag
I’m a motherfuckin dog
Bounce on his shit like a fucking frog
Got your man, I’ll give him a smog
I’m a bad lil bitch, just got us pot
My computer senses are telling mе
The public says you are 1000% a mega slag


Song: SLAG
Album: KKB27X2* (2022)
Singer: KkButTerFly27 Xx
Music: KkButTerFly27 Xx
Lyrics: KkButTerFly27 Xx

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