SPACESHIP VIEWS Lyrics by Killer Mike, Curren$y, 2 Chainz & Kaash Paige, from the album “MICHAEL“,  music has been produced by Honorable C.N.O.T.E., and SPACESHIP VIEWS song lyrics are penned down by Killer Mike.


Yeah, yeah, eh
(Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)
Yeah, yeah, uh

The Corvette roof evaporated
Pushed the button it regenerated, stupid crazy
I’m super smart with paper
Niggas hating, imitated
That’s just human nature I don’t blame them
I just keep away and my bro got a ray gun, uh
Motherfucker play he won’t make summer
I put yo bitch on a wave runner
I was on a yacht deck wavin’ from it
I bought these chucks in London
I bought this hoodie on fairfax I’m all over hundred
Like traces of that cocaine I’m all over money
Eastside, еh

In a spaceship blowin’ my face off (Yeah)
I don’t takе no days off (Yeah)
Too many y’all niggas laid up (Yuh)
And that’s why y’all niggas layed off (Yuh)
Nigga did me dirty when I fell off (Yeah)
But I ain’t write no tell-all (Yeah)
My book givin’ you game nigga (Yuh)
I ain’t gotta write about lame niggas (Yuh)
And if you love that lame nigga
I’m still talkin’ bout the same nigga (Yeah)
Whatchu know about college-educated and still had to sell cocaine, nigga? (Yeah)
What you know about before the fame me and Steve still blowin’ in flame, nigga? (Yeah)
Son of Atlanta I am-a (Yuh)
Product of grandma and grandpa (Yuh)
The drunker I get and the slumper I get and you hear that real westside Atlanta (Yeah!)
I went to doug, I know the plug
I know the preachers and I know the thug
Don’t give a damn, don’t give a fuck
Rollin’ in a ’72 cutlass (Yeah)
Polo tee with the bucket
Attitude still on “fuck it”
I refrain from that fuck-shit
I’m all about big bucks, bitch
Niggas wanna move like rap niggas
Me I wanna move like Rob Smith
Fuck that rap and trap shit
I’m a landlord, bitch pay rent!
Pay rent

Ayy, ayy, we just get high and we fly away
(Southside finest)
Ayy, ayy, in my spaceship got no time to wait (Toni)

762 in your bucket (Yeah)
Mike got a ’96 Impala (Yeah)
Don’t think I won’t murk ya (Yuh)
Be out by the time my son hit college (Yuh)
Cold enough to make her knees wobble (Yeah)
Double-g g-ski goggles (Yeah)
Healthcare ’round my way (Yuh)
Got an AK for a street bible
Hellcats makin’ donuts say them boys singin’ like read bible
Pulled out the piece, peace sign him, hit him with the d and bought a designer
Half a mil’ for my fee-finder use a coffee grinder for a weed grinder
Search your house for a key, find it, got pounds of money then reclinin’
Arm & Hammer my best friend (Yeah)
Turkey bag my best friend
Dirty scale my best friend
Rubber band my best friend
Hold a joint with my left hand (Yeah)
Hug my uncle on his deathbed (Yeah)
‘Nuff said is enough said (Yuh)
One thing for sure:
Puff, pass

Can’t be playin’ with them folk for real
Fo petty
Put your ass on the investigation
Investigation, uh
Investigation, nuh, yeah
They’ll put you on that shit
Ayy, we just get high and we fly away
Ayy, ayy, in my spaceship got no time to wait

That’s the best way to say it, more comfortable!
Even though safe and comfortable is the same thing, but comfortable!
You can be comfortable around killers, you know you ain’t safe!


Artist: Killer Mike, Curren$y, 2 Chainz & Kaash Paige
Album: MICHAEL (2023)
Lyrcis:Killer Mike
Music:Honorable C.N.O.T.E.

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